Ba Noi - Painting by UTN, elderly asian woman with purple sweater squinting towards the sun, pink blossom trees in the background
Ba Noi, 12x16" Sold
Daniel - Painting by UTN, a boy with mischievous smile
Daniel, 12x16" Commission
Jeffrey Swan - Painting by UTN, young man with swan
Jeffrey Swan, 8x11" Commission
Luna - Painting by UTN
Lune, 16x20" Commission
Rori - Painting by UTN, baby
Rori, 11x14" Commission
Rose and Hazel - Painting by UTN, two girls laughing
Rose and Hazel, 20x24" Commission
Trevor - Painting by UTN, a man with drums
Trevor, 12x16" Commission
Julie and Co - Painting by UTN, couple on a motorcycle with drawings
Julie and Co, 18x24" Commission
Paige and Jeff - Painting by UTN, a father and his daughter
Page and Jeff, 16x20" Sold
Roger - Painting by UTN
Roger, 11x14" Commission
Tinh and Thai - Painting by UTN, a husband kisses his wife in the kitchen
Tinh and Thai, 16x20" Commission


"I once saw a Van Gogh Self-Portrait in Amsterdam. It was alive. It was like I could see him there, a piece of him. Portrait painting is an art unto itself. To capture a likeness, a beauty, a gesture - these are noble and lovely. To capture the spirit of a person, a glimpse of that spark that is unique solely to them, to no one else that has ever lived - This demands looking. Seeing. This takes a spirit itself perhaps." - UTN

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