Pink Blossom Tree - Painting by UTN, a tree with pink spring blossoms at sunset
Pink Blossom Tree, 12x16" Sold
The Family Tree - Painting by UTN, a large meyer lemon tree surrounded by colorful floral bushes and plants at sunrise
The Family Tree, 30x40" Commission
Cottage Grove Museum - Painting by UTN, side view of a hexagonal white building with another two buildings in view
Cottage Grove Museum, 11x14"
Poppies - Painting by UTN, red poppy flowers on a hill at sunset
Poppies, 11x14" N/A
Kevin's Journey - Painting by UTN, a landscape meandering through different terrain traveling up a river and ending at the mountaintops and an evening sky
Kevin's Journey, 48x60" Commission
Oregon City Hydroelectric Dam - Painting by UTN, big waterfall with electric lines in the foreground
Oregon City Hydroelectric Dam, 22x28"
Apple Blossoms - Painting by UTN, apple blossoms close up with a green and pink background
Apple Blossoms, 11x14" N/A
Dogwood - Painting by UTN, dogwood tree with white flowers with greenery
Dogwood, 16x20" Sold
Erika's Farm - Painting by UTN, grass pastures, white farmhouse, chickens in the foreground and evergreen trees on a hill in the background against a vivid blue sky
Erika's Farm, 16x20" N/A


"The world around us is lush and alive. A garden of delights, ever changing with the light, the seasons, a gusty gale or a soft, warm breeze. The body of the Earth is unfathomable and incomprensensible, alien, nurturing and massive. A landscape painting is the slightest glimmer of this celestial being. So lovely, so mysterious, so elusive. I can only try to see the life and infinite beauty of the trees, of a flower or a mountainside, and share my humble view as an expression of gratitude." - UTN

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