The Tree on Quincy - Painting by UTN,
The Tree on Quincy, 30x30" Commission
Nameless House - Painting by UTN, house with trees
Rural Oregon, 9x12" Sold
Still Waters Run Deep - Painting by UTN, barren trees by river with figure
Still Waters Run Deep, 9x12" Sold
Shady Blooms - Painting by UTN,
Shady Blooms, 14x11" Available
Puffy Bunches - Painting by UTN,
Puffy Bunches, 14x11" Sold
La Bosque - Painting by UTN, forest scene with children and a big eye
La Bosque, 14x18" Available
Spring Blossoms - Painting by UTN,
Spring Blossoms, 14x11" Sold
Marjorie's Apple Tree - Painting by UTN, apple tree on hill
Marjorie's Apple Tree, 20x16" Available
The Singing Creek - Painting by UTN, creek and female legs
The Singing Creek, 16x20" Available


"The world around us is lush and alive. A garden of delights, ever changing with the light, the seasons, a gusty gale or a soft, warm breeze. The body of the Earth is unfathomable and incomprensensible, alien, nurturing and massive. A landscape painting is the slightest glimmer of this celestial being. So lovely, so mysterious, so elusive. I can only try to see the life and infinite beauty of the trees, of a flower or a mountainside, and share my humble view as an expression of gratitude." - UTN

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