Inspired Art

This painting is untitled - Painting by UTN
36x36" Commission
It was there all along - Painting by UTN, a hand holding onto light inside the heart of a robot in a cafe
It was there all along, 16x20" Available
Abandoning Vanity - Painting by UTN, nude woman walking into a white pool in a church
Abandoning Vanity, 20x24" Available
Breakfast - Painting by UTN, man eating breakfast
Breakfast, 11x14" Available
Say it to me - Painting by UTN, groups of people staring distantly, every group is in a different place as the others
Waiting to be Loved, 20x20" Available
The Truth about Adults - Painting by UTN, adults with baby faces in big office
The Truth about Adults, 36x48" Available
Something Unknown - Painting by UTN, a boy on stairs reaches his hand into something fantastical
Something Unknown, 16x24" Sold
Salt - Painting by UTN, a girl in a yellow dress holding a blue umbrella squinting up
Salt, 20x24" Sold
Greed or Buried Treasure of The Abyss - Painting by UTN, nude woman in a desert filling a hole and looking back
Buried Treasure, 18x24" Available
Self-Portrait - Painting by UTN, a woman in bed with a laptop, cat, stuffed bear and other things on her blanket
Self-Portrait, 18x24"
Safe in my Fortress - Painting by UTN, grey brick surrounding a girl crouched away from a small door with yellow light
Safe in my Fortress, 12x16" Available
What Can I Do - Painting by UTN, women lounging on sofa, behind her the red wall has shapes in the windows
What Can I Do, 16x24" Available

Inspired Art

"My work uses everyday experiences to illustrate the inner workings of our lives. The representational components relate to what I see as real in the world around me, and the analogies that surface as I learn and grow are expressed in these "real" environments. Sometimes images comes to me as clarity sets in about a subject, an experience or an experiment. Sometimes I use art to do the clarifying for me. It is this inspired work that most impacts my growth both as a human being, and as an artist." - UTN

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