My Figure Painting Workshop will take place on Saturday, April 29 at Alluvium in Eugene.

We will explore creativity, intention and playfulness. We will work with the figure as a whole, use a ‘technical eye’ and then come back to the creative unknown, working with oil paints, wet-on-wet (alla prima painting). This is a great workshop for people who enjoy figure drawing, but all are welcome. Join me for an afternoon of experimentation, color and figure painting!

We will spend a short time using acrylic paints to tone the canvas, discuss the process, and then work with the model for 3 hours (with breaks of course). There will be easels, disposable palettes, brushes (about 5 different synthetic flat, round and angled for each person), paint, Gamsol, safflower oil, rags, odorless mineral spirits (for cleanup), plastic palette knives, a viewfinder and a 16x20 canvas panel for each person to work with. You are welcome to bring your own paint and supplies! People can also bring additional materials in the event they choose to work on more than one piece during the course of the workshop. If you plan to bring materials, please let me know in the notes section of the registration.


I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, from figurative, portraits and pets to landscapes. When working on a commission, getting to know the people I'm painting is an integral part of my process, as I am curious and drawn to stories and people. I need a few photos and a conversation, either by phone, in-person, zoom or email, and from there I will let the lay out the process, timeline and discuss delivery options.

Estimated Fees for Oil Paintings:
11×14 $200-275
16×20 $300-450
18×24 $450-575
22×28 $550-700

Larger sizes available upon request.

Commissions will vary depending on subject matter, background and overall complexity. These estimated rates are for a single subject and not for group portraits or figures. A downpayment of $100 is required and payment plans are accepted. Please feel free to send me a text or email if you're thinking about commissioning a painting, or to share comments or ask questions about my work!

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Uyen-thi (T) Nguyen is an Oregon-based artist living in the rural town of Cottage Grove, where friendly strangers sometimes hop on your shoulder as you’re walking home. She is a recipient of several grants and awards, including the Oregon Arts Commission Artist Resiliency Grant and Juror's Choice Award at the Around Oregon Annual in Corvallis. Her work has been exhibited in New York City and Portland, Oregon, as well as in small cities throughout the state and U.S. Her artistic practice focuses on the following statement:

What does it feel like? In my best days, I remember to ask this question and listen for an answer. All things alive feel. This is my work. To discover the relationships that are interlaced between within and around us each. Sometimes the exploration reveals dark places, sometimes I simply bask in the ten thousand pretty things. I paint to express the inner world within exterior avatars, our human condition, the beauty and life around me.

Nguyen teaches and coordinates arts instruction at Emerald Art Center, volunteers on the Springfield Arts Commission, Cottage Grove Artwalk and Opal Center for Arts and Education, and is a member of the Plein Air Painters of Lane County, the New Zone Gallery Artists Collective, and Eugene Figurative Arts Group. Figure drawing is at the heart of her practice.

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