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Image of the book: Garden of People, A Portrait of Cottage Grove.
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“In Cottage Grove, or in any city, we live together, yet we are individual. There is a bit of everyone in each of us, and at the same time, there is no one like us in all the world. Perhaps in looking at this 'portrait' of a city, of folks living together — people from different socioeconomic classes, with different beliefs and viewpoints — we can discover some beautiful secrets about society and humanity, and amazingly, ourselves.” Garden of People is artist Uyen-thi Nguyen’s perspective on society, using Cottage Grove, Oregon as the basis for exploration. Nguyen includes more than 45 oil paintings and portraits intermingled with over 100 intimate, anonymous quotes from conversations with the subjects. Designed to be experiential, Nguyen juxtaposes census data and societal labels with a collage of individual stories, allowing viewers to formulate their own views as they “walk” through the garden.

Enjoy snippets from the 152-page limited edition hardcover art book, now available in Cottage Grove at Books on Main, Kalapuya Books,
and online.

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