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"Garden of People, A Portrait of Cottage Grove" is a public art project and published book of citizens from Cottage Grove, Oregon, designed to explore culture and society. I created this project as a way to celebrate people, but also to question that which defines, and divides, ourselves and our understanding of one another. The book is a collage of conversations and paintings that capture the essence of individuals, letting you see the world they spent a lifetime learning. It is composed of dozens of portraits juxtaposed with demographic data, and personal interviews placed anonymously, removing the prejudgment of appearances. Through this layering, you create a story for the paintings, and build a picture of society as you relate to the stories; it's not woven for you. You construct a tapestry through your own filter.

Enjoy snippets from the 152-page limited edition hardcover art book, now available online, in Eugene at New Zone Gallery, in Springfield at Emerald Art Center, and in Cottage Grove at Bookmine and Kalapuya Books.

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