Hurt - Painting by UTN, Woman sitting on a bed with an almost blank look out of place
Hurt, 16x20" Available
Double Hard - Painting by UTN, nude woman standing with decapitated head in desert
Double Hard, 16x20" Sold
Garden of Eden - Painting by UTN, Figures in the natural world communicating or accusing each other.
Garden of Eden, 36x48" Available
Hug - Painting by UTN,
Hug, 24x30"
Live Study - Painting by UTN
Live Study, 16x20" Available
Ward 4 - Painting by UTN, nude woman sitting on white bed
Ward 4, 11x14" Available
Le Bumb - Painting by UTN, nude woman lying on her stomach with feet up and green background
Le Bumb, 11x14" Sold
It's All Good - Painting by UTN, nude woman laying on her side with flower pattern
It's All Good, 30x10" Sold
Bliss - Painting by UTN, nude woman laying on a floral carpet with pink, yellow and other colored flowers surrounding her
Bliss, 20x24" Sold

Figurative Art

"The human figure is beautiful. That's all there is to it. I love the lines, the curves, the angles, the shadows. I love the many shapes people come in, the different ways they hold themselves, hold their hands, their backs, their chins. I love this most natural form, the one we all share regardless of color or creed or age. In our barest state, without dress to identify our socioeconomic status, our beliefs, our tastes - we can see through the facades and right through to the form which we so beautifully exist in." - UTN

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