A Portrait of Two Cats - Painting by UTN, two black and white cats on grey armchair with shiny pink striped wallpaper and flowers falling
A Portrait of Two Cats, 18x24" Sold
Sawyer - Painting by UTN, black and white husky dog sitting with a green mountainous background
Sawyer, 16x20" Commission
A Boy and his Bird - Painting by UTN, older boy with big hair and a green bird on his shoulder
A Boy and his Bird, 11x14" Sold
Juji - Painting by UTN, black cat on carpet with red envelope
Juji, 11x14" Sold
At the End - Painting by UTN, girl laying down with a tear stained cheek petting cat in golden light
At the End, 16x20"
Cutie - Painting by UTN, happy white dog with tongue out frolicking in dry grasses
Cutie, 14x17" Commission
Maya and Chips - Painting by UTN, burmese cat on fuzzy blanket getting pet by girl
Maya and Chips, 16x20" N/A
Vinh and Juji - Painting by UTN, a boy holding a black and white cat
Vinh and Juji, 12x16" Commission


"Our pets are a member of the family. Sometimes, they are the only family, the closest to us, the ones that console us, the ones that bring us so much joy. I honor this relationship when I paint animals. I look for the love that each person has for their pet, that secret ingredient." - UTN

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